Born & raised in the Bay Area, I grew up in a multicultural household & in a even more colorful city.

Aside from being the awkwardly thin pale girl, I also had an obscure palette growing up. I remember the first time I recognized & understood food texture. Sadly, avocados, tomatoes, garbanzo anything, beets, & some slabs of steak did not make the cut for MANY years.

Then a fantastic phenomenon by the way of fusion was introduced.


The floodgates opened & it is quite seldom that I will refuse to try anything. I love food & it loves me back. Thanks for the great genes, parentals.

Luckily, I have two moms that taught me about flavor & that it is ALWAYS a great idea to experiment. Also, wine is your meals best friend. I have two kick ass grandmothers that NEVER make a sad meal.

In my time eating, I also like to travel with my boyfriend & chubby, little bulldog, Tio. Though I haven’t crossed the pond, I’ve been to some of the best beaches & coastal cities California has to offer.

Give my recipes a shot, you may find a favorite & try to keep up with my tiny family roaming California.