Summer Fruits

Peaches and plums are some of my favorite summer fruits. Their smell and sweetness leave you guilt free in having them throughout your day. Have one as a midnight snack to get over summer heat or one for breakfast, you’ll feel great either way. 

Peaches contain vitamin A which are great for your skin. Their fragrance will combat stress allowing you gather yourself back up. Peaches also contain vitamin C-and we already know the many benefits that come from that! 

Throw peaches into your morning smoothie, use in a caprese salad instead of tomato or make a glaze and pour over some delicious cooked pork! 

Plums are my absolute favorite fruit. Mostly water, they contain a sweet and sour bite and leave me feeling cool on hot summer days. Plums are great for your digestive health (when dried they are prunes) and contain vitamin C. Incorporate them into your diet and store them in the refrigerator. 

Plums can be made into jams or used to marinate chicken dishes and even the traditional plum tart. 


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