Forever Fresas

My love is fresh on the court and fresh in the kitchen. He made these delicious edible roses, here’s what you do:

You’ll need:

  • Pack of strawberries 
  • Chocolate chips
  • Wooden skewers 
  • Vodka


1. Take strawberry and starting at the bottom near the stem, slice each side to make a square and fold flaps down a bit. 

2. Rotate strawberry and slice a new square, not adjacent to the previous. Make sure to fold flaps out to create a blossoming effect. 

3. Continue to rotate and slice until you reach the very tip in which you will cut a cross (+) to make 4 corners and open gently.

4. Stick a skewer at the bottom in middle of green and fold green leaves down. 

5. Add droplets of vodka into the folds of each strawberry, about 5 droplets each. 

6. Melt chocolate chips until that are runny, pour into ziploc bag and cut the corner tip. Squeeze bag to drizzle chocolate on strawberries. 

7. Set aside to let chocolate harden and enjoy ❤️

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