sappy expressions on friday night. 

They say to never start a piece with a question.

Can love exist without a philosophical definition? Be it eros, philia or agape. Without maithuna, vedas, or lingam? Can we disregard elements of nature in its existence? What would a love look like had no philosophical study been brought to its being? Am I the only person dwelling on these types of things? Head in the clouds, like my ride or die, por vida.

Everything must be defined because it allows us to comprehend its experience.  Of course, if your language lacks the diction to define a state of enlightenment (I’m sticking to that definition of love for now) then I guess it is not held with high regard therefore no matter.

Would you be able to write a thesis on love without sounding…so cliche or juvenile?

I have my own thoughts and arguments on the matter but this post it to simply get minds brewing on its ability to mystify us.

I do love

how it can be my tall and sleek black strappy-heels

how it can be a thinking of you text

how it can be a double espresso over ice

how it can be the cold Pacific washing over my feet

how it can be forgiveness.

We change and grow and repeat each stage as love evolves with us-one of the many great things about it. 

Friday night thoughts, what is love to you?


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