At which moment in your life had you thought if death were to shortly follow, your soul would bid farewell at ease-or bliss? Had it been just one brilliant moment or fragments of tiny adventures to fill in the blank pages of your journey? A pink & lavender sky lures lovers to a shoreline, a lookout point, or tops of buildings to drink from its golden nectar; how could someone disagree that maybe this event could never be a moment?

My mind, silently, never tires itself. It is a gift and a curse as I maneuver through life seeking whom and what will bring me positivity. “I”, obviously, lost somewhere in there… or I just misplace the map every now and then. As my little slave mind works its self day and night, I note glimpses of a heaven, my heaven. Paradise, not lost. 

I chase happiness, I chase environments that challenge me, while motivating me if I slip. What I chase allows me to find my heaven and tiny floats of paradise throughout my day. When I meditate, I see my grandpa’s tiny ranch and I know mom is within a yell’s startle. Surrounded by the beauty of space, life, and nature created an impalpable spark I chase to this very night.

I have countless moments in which if death followed, I’d been pleasantly welcoming. I feel deeply and sit baffled as others remain unmotivated by the beauty in which surrounds them.

Victor calls me passionate, sometimes as if it were a frowned upon attribute, he loves it. I love it.

I have many moments, some that will never be told & others I will share for the world. You will know, when I ask you if you would like to see something beautiful.



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